Natural Stone

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Natural Stone is a relatively hard, naturally formed mineral or petrified matter that is not man-made. It occurs ‘naturally’. Once raw stone materials are extracted from the earth, only modifications to the slab or piece size, shape and finish are necessary.

Ultimately natural stone is intrinsically “green”. It was provided to mankind in near endless quantities, and the earth is producing new raw material that will become stone by design. All by-products that result from finishing various residential and commercial projects can be used, repurposed, and recycled, with only a modest amount of thought and effort.

All those who appreciate something real, genuine, will appreciate the products we feature. Unique, beautiful, timeless – all are appropriate expressive terms in regards natural stone.

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Tech+Info is a guide to reference to learn and grow with our ever increasing product lines of natural stone products. Application, installation, stories, brochures and so much more – only a click away!

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Please keep in mind, and in view of the aforementioned, considerable variations including, but not limited to, color, texture, size, and cleft will occur in all natural stone. Samples, sample panels, brochures, photographs, computer-generated pictures, and images on our website may be, in some measure, different from the stone that is actually received on a job site. Laboratory tests, if conducted, are performed on small samples and cannot be perfectly accurate because of the limited nature of the tests.